Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Mauricio Kagel and Music for Renaissance Instruments

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Published on 5 Oct 2013/Ref YouTube
Collegium Instrumentale (22 instrumentalists) directed by the composer.
World premier recording on 26 April 1967.Avant-garde composition completed in 1966. It contains no music from the renaissance period, nor any quotes or formal references. The primary idea of the piece is to show the diversity and strength of timbres among the various instruments of the period. The form is highly inventive, with a lot going on; new combinations continually providing varying and frequently eerie material. The strange motley pictures in the video are also avante-garde and intended to add just a little more color.

This transfer is made from a 6 LP set issued by DGG in 1968. This was the first of 4 sets of LPs issued annually in plain boxes with the simple title AVANT GARDE. Today, these sets are much prized by vinyl collectors.


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