Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Atlanta Fugiens

Michael Maier Atalanta Fugiens.jpeg

Atalanta fugiens by Michael Maier was first published in 1617 at Frankfurt at the press of Johann Theodor de Bry. This alchemical emblem book included 50 engraved emblems with an associated 'fugue' or musical canon. In a sense this book with its integration of image, text and sound was one of the first attempts at multimedia.

To make the emblematic images more accessible to the modern eye, I have hand-coloured the images, and have also re-created the music and made it more approachable to contemporary ears by programming it for a modern synthesiser. The music was originally devised as Latin verses sung in three parts.

I have orchestrated the music and played it through a multi-timbral synthesiser (Yamaha SY77) which incorporates sampled instruments. I have used a wide palette of instruments to provide variety, a number of horns (french horn, flugel horn, trumpets), woodwind (oboe, clarinet, bassoon, flute), harp, harpsichord, and some strings, organs and orchestral sounds. I have avoided any modern entirely synthetic sounds as well as the piano. The general sound can be likened to an early music group, but of course with no pretentions to authenticity.

Adam McLean, May 2013


Saturday, 18 November 2017


A few examples of Contemporary Early Music via the "auspices" of MediumAevum

Some new Medival Music so to speak...

For more examples from MediumAevum please go to link below

A drawing in the borders of a manuscript of an archer in a tower shooting at a horse-back rider

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Early Music Midi Files

The following can be seen as an interesting take on "Contemporary" Early Music. The link to the About page for Early Music Midi Files can be found below.

A link to a collection of videos

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