Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Welcome to Contemporary Early Music

A Treasury of Early Music

Mission Statement

The blog is essentially a presentation of examples of  Contemporary Early Music. It is meant to inspire people both amateur, and professional to take an interest in it as it has huge artistic potential. The other aim of all this is to raise public awareness that such music is as relevant today as it was centuries ago.......

Brief Intro to Contemporary Early Music

Originally, this site was called Experimental Early Music. The word "experimental" is often used in connection with electronic music, but in this case it had far wider musical connotations. However, "by chance" I came across the more correct term of Contemporary Early Music.

When I first used "Contemporary Early Music" on an internet search engine there were virtually zero references to it. Ofcourse, there were lots of references to "Early Music" minus ofcourse "Contemporary."

It is believed that this blog site is probably the first of its kind to deal with the subject in hand online. In that respect, it can be seen as a pioneering digital resource for Early Music per se.

There are also some other points....

i) This blog does not pretend to be an academic site, but rather a popular presentation of Contemporary Early Music.

ii) Virtually all the pics online come from Wikipedia

iii) Most of  the music links emanate from youtube. In some cases, a piece of music may have been deleted (possibly for copyright reasons) but the same title can often "reappear,"or not with a simple search.

iv) It is hoped that this blog on Contemporary Early Music will become increasingly more comprehensive in its presentation.

v) On occasions, articles, and reviews may appear onsite along with relevant music links. The emphasis though is on audio material.

Thank you for reading the above "brief" and we  hope you will enjoy this site with its remarkable assemblage of colourful sounds, and brilliant muscianship...

Robert Searle, the Blogger

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