Wednesday, 8 February 2017

TV Themes...

  A Treasury of Early Music

TV themes which appear to have drawn something of their inspiration from Early Music.

Georges Delerue Thibaud Ou Les Croisades (1968)

The Shadow of the Tower about the reign of Henry VII (excellent drama especially the actor who played the King)

The theme of the Accursed Kings again written by Delerue

David Cain: The Devil's Crown (1978)

The above from the BBC series By the Sword Divided

From the ITV Black Arrow series...unfortunately, at present one cannot trace the full  theme music which used to end each episode..but something of what it was like can be heard briefly at the start of the above video....and notably includes the continuous drumming of "medieval" drums!!

File:Barocke Blockflöten.png

Bourrée and Ballet from Terpsichore Dances by M. Praetorius for flute & organ

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