Monday, 11 January 2016

George Delarue and Anne of a Thousand Days

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George Delarue, and the film of Anne of a Thousands Days

A1Georges DelerueOverture3:55
A2Georges DelerueCourt Airs And Dances4:20
A3Georges DelerueLute Song1:32
A4Georges DelerueFarewell My Love2:06
A5Georges DelerueFanfare And Dances For Henry VIII3:40
A6Georges DelerueExecution And Epilogue3:13
Music Of The Tudor Court
B1New York Pro MusicaThree Popular Dances3:10
B2aNew York Pro MusicaA Point
B2bNew York Pro MusicaTanndernaken
B2cNew York Pro MusicaTres Partes In Una3:23
B3aNew York Pro MusicaPavan
B3bNew York Pro MusicaThe Fairie Round
B3cNew York Pro MusicaThe Montebanks' Dance4:44
B4New York Pro MusicaLord Willobies Welcome Home1:34
B5aNew York Pro MusicaFrog Galliard
B5bNew York Pro MusicaMy Lord Of Oxenford's March3:48


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