Friday, 20 May 2016

Magna Carta.....Music inspired by Medieval Era

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Published on 15 Jun 2015/Ref Halidon Music

Music inspired by Middle Age composed by Jofa

My true friend 00:00
The old gipsy 04:24
Only for an hour 08:45
White poem 13:09
Ballade of the fox 17:37
Memories 21:04
Love on the beach 24:53
River 29:42
Shell of Ireland 33:56
Waiting for the wind 37:35
Legend of the mystic knight 41:27
Only for an hour (Part II) 45:49


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Wolf Hall and the Tudors

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Wolf Hall, and the Tudors (two tv series)  seem to derive something of their inspiration directly, and indirectly from the Early Music of the 16th Century...Some of it might be regarded as being  highly "experimental" in nature using modern instrumentation, celtic sounds, et cetera... (main theme)


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The following example is from the Tudors.

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Elizabeth Elizabeth I and Virgin Queen...

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Elizabeth was a film back in 1998. The music to some extent draws its inspiration from the Early Music of the time. The same could be said of the other musical examples included here from two tv series.. again dealing with Queen Elizabeth I of England.

Elizabeth Poster.jpg

William Byrd - Domine secundum actum meum - from the film "Elizabeth" - Night of the Long Knives  

The next examples come from two TV series. The first of which is Elizabeth I played by Helen Mirren, and the other entitled Virgin Queen.

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