Saturday, 5 November 2016

Medieval Music Collection..

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Published on 9 Oct 2016/Sound Phenomenon /youtube
A collection of 12 original medieval music tracks with a beautiful and ancient sound that cover a wide range of emotions and moods. Additional variations and versions with endings are included for most of the tracks, making them as versatile as possible for use in your game!

1. Ancient Ambiance
2. Ancient Castle
3. Ancient Castle Loop 1
4. Ancient Castle Loop 2
5. Ancient Castle Loop 3
6. Ancient Cathedral
7. Celtic Mystery Loop
8. Celtic Mystery with Ending
9. Celtic Trio Loop
10. Celtic Trio with Ending
11. Celtic Tune Loop
12. Celtic Tune with Ending
13. Dark Ancient Mood
14. Green Fields Loop
15. Green Fields with Ending
16. Renaissance Fair Background Loop
17. Renaissance Fair Full Loop
18. Renaissance Fair with Ending
19. Renaissance Mood Full Loop https://se
20. Renaissance Mood with Ending
21. Sanctuary
22. When Shall My Sorrowful Sighing Slack

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